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XtcTube: Watch Arabelle_Fae Every Wednesday Night


Please introduce yourself.

XtcTube Arabelle_Fae : Hi! My name is Arabelle_Fae, I`m 25 years old and I live in Moldova Republic.

Meet Arabella_Fae, one of XtcTube’s broadcasters who streams in 1080p Full HD resolution. She goes by Ari, and describes herself as submissive and fuckable. She also enjoys other parts of the kink world such as choking, bondage, role-play (cosplay).

XtcTube Arabelle_Fae : I have little tendencies,” says Ari. “As a sub I often find myself turned on simply by pleasing my partner, even if their kink isn’t something I would think of on my own. I am into threesomes+, spankings, and DP. I know its a little out there for non-kinky folks so don’t run off! Not everything has to be about that. I’m also turned on by intelligence, kindness, and people who can really converse with me. I want to be respected as an individual, yet a bit disrespected in bed if you catch my drift. It’s a funny balance, but its also great when you can be a truly intelligent person–poised, elegant and ready to take on anything–then turn into a total savage in bed. Thats insanely hot.

Watch her every Wednesday after 8pm EST on XtcTube.