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XtcTube MelanieLexxx Chat Room


1) Your bio says you love experienced men. Please share about that!

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : Because they treat me properly and make me feel special. Experienced men are usually older guys and they are looking for friendships and feelings, not just sex. They’re old school and always start with dinner and some flowers. What girl doesn’t like that?

2) Who is your #1 Xtctube crush?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx :I haven’t found one yet. I’m more focused on my job and not on finding a crush, but I’m sure I’ll have one soon. He will find me! Oh my Prince Charming, where are you? :))

XtcTube MelanieLexxx

3) What is the one item on your wish-list you’ve been DYING to receive?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : I am not a material girl, but my dream item is an iPhone 7. I want it sooo bad. I dream of it. At least I’m dreaming about it today. Ask me tomorrow and I think it will be a pair of Louboutin shoes.

4) What is your favorite post show activity?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : I love to snuggle up with my partner. I love to stay in his arms, oh, his strong arms. I also love to be teased, kissed and oiled up, and thennnnn … A GOOD MASSAGE! What were you thinking about? :)) I really love being massaged, but after that I love to talk about how it was and what we want to do next.

5) How long have you been blonde?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : All my life and I will be blonde for the rest of it. It’s my favorite color. It represents my personality. I am in love with really long blonde hair. I think I look pretty like this, don’t I? Be careful of what you say. I might bite your lips if you say something else! 😛

6) What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on cam?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : I had someone who asked me to put the entire oil bottle over my leather clothes. I didn’t work the next day. I had to take that day off and clean my room and bed. Even my bra was full of oil :)) I think that if I squeezed that bra, I could pour the oil back in the bottle. OIL SHOWER! It was really nice, but a bit too much.

7) What is the item of clothing/lingerie that makes you feel the most sexy on cam?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : Leather clothes make me feel incredibly sexy and desirable. Sometimes, because I’m blonde, I’ll get the feeling that they see me like a silly doll. The leather feels so good on my skin, and that smell excites me. I think I just discovered my new fetish!

8) What is your favorite gift you’ve received?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : I received a very tasty and big cake from my work colleagues and I was very happy. I know it’s probably not a big thing, but it was a really big surprise. The story goes like this: it was my birthday and I was called to come into work early because I did something wrong. I was supposed to have a meeting with my boss. I walked into my room where I was supposed to wait, but instead I found a big awesome cake and a big letter “M” made of candles on my bed. All my colleagues came and sang happy birthday to me! There were lots of balloons and champagne. It was awesome! I went online and I had a big party with my members too. We drank champagne and ate cake. I was a real princess that day!

9) What is your best piece of advice for new patrons on the site?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : I think they can try being nice, and not starting off as self-righteous. We’re all here to have a good time. There’s absolutely no need to be rude.

10) What has been your favorite show you’ve done?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : It was with a very special person from this site. It started with a nice chat, then we had some more intimate moments together and we finished with cuddles and he was spoiling me with nice words. Nothing fast, rude or painful. I enjoyed every second of it and it was a real pleasure.

11) Do you have any signature talents or shows your regulars look forward to?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : My perfect BLOWJOB. They love to see what I can do with my toy. They often tell me that they feel like they were in the room with me and appreciate the show big time. I also love to smoke, and give a blowjob with smoke. I think that is very sexy. I even look at myself and I say “DAMN GIRL, YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND” :)) I love myself too much, don’t I?

12) Who would you like to meet from the site that you haven’t already?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : I have a favorite model I’m watching on the site because she works a lot and she does great. There’s a lot I can learn from her and she is also a great person. I like to spend time in her room while she is performing. We talk from time to time, but she is from another country and we haven’t met yet. Maybe sometime soon we will agree to take a trip somewhere. I promise we will put some photos up on our profiles from our trip…nothing too kinky, though! :))

XtcTube MelanieLexxx

13) Where is your favorite place to cam in your home?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : From my bedroom. I have everything I need there. Besides, I have all my stuff and my memories here, especially the naughty ones. That gives me a good vibe when performing. I feel free and comfortable and it gives me an intimate feel.

14) Please list some hobbies you enjoy in your free time.

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : Well, I work on a night shift and I sleep to recover during most of my free time, but I also love watching movies, going to the park and, of course, shopping! I love to spend a full day at the mall and get all the cool things I can buy. I love taking looong baths with bubbles and to take care of myself by doing my nails and my hair.

15) If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : I think my favorite place to go would be Cancun. I love showing off my body on a beautiful beach like that. Maybe I’ll go there some day, probably with my favorite model here on Xtctube. We will rock that beach. Hopefully they’ll let us go home after that :))

16) What are your favorite fetishes/requests you cater to on the site?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : As I said above, I really like leather. I like to touch and smell it. I also love smoking, so I have 2 fetishes that put me in a good mood and I’m ready for them all the time. I am very happy when a member is on the same page as me.

17) What is your favorite sex toy?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : I loveeee Lush!!! It makes me feel like I’m in heaven. No man has made me feel how Lush did so far. I still wait for the prince. I hope he will come some day and make me proud 😀

18) What is your favorite Xtctube app?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : Roll the dice. I’m so lucky, and guys receive only praises with “tip again”. I am so happy when I hear the sound of the dice. My heart starts beating really fast because I have some naughty things there. I can’t wait to see who will be the lucky winner. I love it and I have some ideas for my next roll the dice, so you should stay tuned and see what will happen next 😀

19) What is the dirtiest tip-note you’ve ever received?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : I can’t say it here. It was really dirty and I really don’t want to make everyone nauseous. There are so many weird fetishes and dirty minds that I really don’t even want to try to understand :))

20) We love your tattoos! Any plans for new ones?

XtcTube MelanieLexxx : I think I will get one on my back, but I don’t have any idea what it will be about yet. At this moment, I am very happy with the ones I have. But you know, when you get started and feel that ink needle on your skin, it’s like a drug and you want more and more. You just can’t stop once you have your first tattoo.

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